Baristas Coffee Company Inc (OTCMKTS: BCCI) Stock Soars High on CBD


The stocks of Baristas Coffee Company Inc (OTCMKTS: BCCI) took a notable upward swing in the aftermath of the company’s multi-tier approach in the marketing campaign for its CBD-infused coffee products.

With the company inking an advertising deal with ReelTime Media, Cannabis-infused coffee products will now be advertised at 61 NASCAR permitted races.

With the approval of Trump’s Hemp Farm bill, the long-awaited line of CBD products will be able to see the light of the day with the company confirming that its product EnrichaRoast CBD will be now available nationwide. This has generated a lot of interest among investors who are increasingly capitalizing on it, creating an upward momentum for its stocks.

The company has also sought to expand their brand presence and revenue numbers by signing partnerships that will bring CBD coffee into mainstream attention through Sports events like NASCAR and Super Bowl.

A 300% surge has created quite the buzz in the market with the company stocks almost shooting to a two year high after a period of ambiguity and subpar performance. The stocks have broken through acute resistance levels and have notched up good momentum.

BCCI Daily Chart

The stocks of Baristas Coffee Company are finally looking bullish, having gained control from short sellers.

After the initial spike, the stock is now facing a critical resistance level to the $0.05 mark. It may suffer a little pullback before being followed by an upward momentum.

Retracement from the current highs should have strong support at the $ $0.03 level. Buyers who missed out on the early surge can capitalize now with the stock holding above the support level.

About Baristas Coffee Company

Baristas Coffee Company is a drive-through beverage vendor operating in the US. The company, which offers interesting blends of coffee have a product range that extends from a wide range of specialty coffee to blended teas, custom drinks, etc.

Recently, the company added another line of products to their range by incorporating cannabis-infused coffee products.

Intense Marketing drive

Baristas Coffee Company is spearheading an intense marketing campaign in a bid to extensively increase their sales. The company has signed a deal which will display the company’s ad about Baristas CBD products at 61 sanctioned NASCAR races. The advertisements will be viewed on digital displays in both the stadium and mobile devices all the way through the races.

Additionally, advertisements about the company products are all set to air at the upcoming Super Bowl. Baristas White coffee and EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee ads will be making their mark as first-ever CBD ads to be displayed at an NFL game.

The CEO of Baristas Coffee Company, Barry Henthorn states that having adverts about their products Barista White coffee, and the new EnrichaRoast CBD coffee in the Super Bowl events will garner them immense attention and publicity.

Thanking NFL, ReelTime Media, and Canna Broadcast Media for their aid in making it possible, Henthorn reinstates that the company is keen on increasing awareness about CBD while also expanding their product line.

Reaching out to a large target audience through advertising in a sporting event has been the latest step in their marketing campaign. They are also looking into the reach of e-commerce sites to ramp up their sales channels. Touted as the next big step in their aggressive marketing drive, CBD products can be procured in the online platform.

With the company conceived as one of the pioneers in the field of CBD line coffee products, Henthorn Is optimistic about the growth headed in the market for CBD products. He concludes stating that the company will continue to work immensely on their product line, engineering new CBD infused products while also substantially increasing their brand presence.

Summing it up

Lastly, one can summarize that Baristas Coffee Company has launched a multi-tier approach to increase their sales channels which is affirmative of their growth prospects. The intense marketing campaigning headed by the company is slated to increase sales, thereby attracting the likes of investors who have driven up the company’s stock in expectation of increased revenue numbers.

The stocks of Baristas Coffee Company have become a lucrative investment, especially given the projections of revenue growth for the company in the wake of Trump’s Farm Bill and aggressive marketing. Though after the recent surge, it is better to wait for retracements to hit before taking up a long stand.


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