Jay-Z Becomes the Chief Brand Strategist for Caliva, a California Cannabis Company


Jay-Z has the superpower of turning everything he touches into gold. He is a true business legend and is making strides in every industry he chooses to step foot in. It seems now he’ll be seen with a California-based Cannabis company called Caliva.

Although people have questioned his ability to be a business leader, he has a proven track record of being a dynamic leader who turns every business under his wing into giant empires.

He is now spreading his wings and entering the legal cannabis industry. His decision to arrive into the industry looks like a significant one which will change the industry’s landscape as a whole.

Jay-Z recently announced that he has joined hands with Caliva, one of the pioneers in the legal cannabis industry.

Jay-Z’s partnership with Caliva to Shake Up the Industry?

Caliva is a company that is based out of California and has 14 cannabis licenses. The company is currently cultivating 11,000 pounds of cannabis annually.

Jay-Z is set to take over as the Chief Brand Strategist and this role will involve the development of the industry-facing and customers facing brands. We still don’t know when he will take over this post and the financial details of this partnership have not been disclosed yet.

Many people believe that the entry of the artist in this space will have a major impact and be a gamechanger for the industry.

The fact that an artist as big as Jay-Z is entering the hemp industry is a testament to how big the industry is becoming and how its status has evolved culturally, economically and legally.

Industry experts speak of how dynamic a leader Jay-Z is and call him one of the most successful businessmen of our time. There’s no doubt in their minds that 2019 is the year of cannabis and the fact that Jay-Z is entering the space is a big testament to that.

If Jay-Z is capable of becoming a business mogul from a mere pusher in Brooklyn, he is capable of transforming the entire Cannabis industry. His main focus is going to be on the social inequities that are currently plaguing the cannabis industry because of the war on drugs and the legal industry. The artist has worked for this cause even before when he made the short film “The War on Drugs is an Epic Fail” back in 2016.

You can watch the video below –

Jay-Z will predominantly focus on creating avenues for formerly incarcerated folks to enter the cannabis industry. He will work on creating avenues where he can provide job training, advocacy, and overall employee and workforce development. His main goal would still be to empower and embolden anyone who is affected by the war on drugs.

Jay-Z wants to do anything correctly and at the highest level. He says he is inspired by Caliva’s expertise and ethics. He thinks they are one of the best partners for this project.

An effort based on social consciousness in the field can bring in some much needed transformative action. Placing focus on ones who were severely hurt by the prohibition of cannabis is significant not only to the business but to anyone who was adversely affected by the War on Drugs.


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