Public Education Campaign Launched by California Officials to Curb Unlawful Cannabis Market


California cannabis regulators have announced a new campaign strategy on Friday to curb sales and businesses of illegal marijuana market by informing consumers of the many ill effects of the unregulated market and illicit products.


The Chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), Lori Ajax, stated in a press release that a statewide “Get #weedwise” program, which will prompt consumers to purchase their cannabis products only from licensed operators while also warning illicit operators to submit for authorization, will be launched.

Knowing Your Cannabis

Using the program, the BCC has been voicing their concern urging consumers to buy their cannabis products only from licensed sellers and dispensaries as the products are often screened and lab tested for purity, quality, safety, and efficacy.

An ad in the campaign reads the “What’s in your weed shouldn’t be a mystery. Shop licensed cannabis retailers only.”

The BCC added that the Get #weedwise campaign intends to reach a wide audience educating them on the varied risks involved with obtaining cannabis products from illegal outlets. It also aims at instructing ventures and cultivators to procure a license from state and comply with the protocols and regulations levied by the jurisdiction.

From sending a clear message to illegal ventures to immediately get a license or be shut down, to informing consumers on the safety of CBD products purchased from licensed sellers, Ajax believes the movement will be rightly impactful and potent.

The campaign will incorporate multilingual advertisements applied in different varieties. Also, ads may focus on the range of adulterants and pollutants like unwanted chemicals, mold and fecal matter that can be present in unlicensed products.

Crackdown on Illicit Operators

The public information program would also incorporate alert systems to warn enterprises and ventures about engaging in illegal cannabis sales and production which would lead to seizure of cash and goods.

BCC spokesman Alex Traverso informed reporters that the ‘Get #weedwise’ movement is a triple fold initiative to cut down retail of illegalized cannabis products, including measures to shut down unlicensed producers and retailers along with offering licenses in quicker pace to those intending to operate in the regulated market.

According to Traverso, an estimated $1.7 million is slated to be spent on the campaign in its initial stages to reach the masses as quick as possible.

However, in spite of the different measures, control of illegal market still remains a daunting task as many manufacturers and stores continue operations beyond the state authorized management. A group of licensed cannabis retailers and cultivators are bidding for the state to have a sterner crack down on such unlicensed businesses.


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