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California State Fair to Hold the First Marijuana Competition


Cannabis will soon make a grand addition to the California State Fair. This would be the first time when the fair would be hosting a competition to judge the finest flower in the state.

Participation would be open to all licensed cannabis cultivators in the state under the three categories: Outdoor, Mixed Light, and Indoor.

The judges would be evaluating the cannabis flowers based on 7 vital plant compounds. The compounds include two major cannabinoids– THC and CBD along with five terpenes, which are aromatic compounds that provide the characteristic smell to the plant and are also a source of resins and essential oils.

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The organizers will hand over 77 gold, silver, bronze, and double gold medals to the winners and also seven Golden Bear trophies for the “Best of California” in each category.

The fair this year would be organized in partnership with Cultivar Brands, which is a California-based cannabis marketing firm. It specializes in developing programs that aim to move cannabis into the mainstream.

SC Labs would perform testing on the entries. The co-founder and the President of SC Labs, Josh Wurzer said, “I‘m really excited to be involved with the state fair because it is the traditional place where the agricultural community comes to show off their best work.”

He further added that as a cannabis scientist he is ecstatic that an event is putting data and analytics at the forefront of the process for measuring the qualitative aspects of cannabis.

The purpose of including cannabis in the California State Fair is to celebrate the licensed and legal cannabis industry prevalent in the state.

This event will not just showcase California’s small, large and incredible flowers that the state has to offer but will also educate the visitors about the plant.

Though no sale or consumption of cannabis products containing THC would be allowed at the Fair, there will be a dedicated cannabis industry area where the award winners will be celebrated.

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The State Fair will be held at Cal Expo Fairgrounds from July 10 to July 23, 2022, in Sacramento. The submission window will open from November 1, 2020, and will remain open until March 30, 2022. The winners would be announced in May next year.

Cultivar Brands CEO Brian Applegarth said in a statement, “The launch of state-sanctioned awards is a watershed moment for the Californian cannabis industry.”

He added, “Not only will we showcase the California farmer, large and small, and the incredible cannabis flower that the state has to offer, but we will educate and demystify the plant, challenge the stereotypes and continue to evolve towards normalcy.”


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