Foxwoods Marijuana Dispensary

Foxwoods Resort Casino Could Soon Have A Huge Marijuana Dispensary Nearby


A new possibility has emerged, according to which a mega-size dispensary of over 25,000 sq. ft., entirely dedicated to marijuana, will open near Foxwoods Casino Resort. While many citizens on the internet have slammed this move, saying that it will mix gambling and drugs, the establishment of the dispensary looks rock solid.

The dispensary will be set up by The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, and the announcement was made by its chairman, Rodney Butler. The dispensary will act as a retail business for cannabis. The dispensary is expected to start its operations by the end of 2022.

As reported by the Cannabis trade publication, Leafly, the original deadline was the spring of 2022; however, it looked aggressive. The original deadline is still being considered, but the final date is expected to be the end of next year.

The possibility to set up such a large marijuana dispensary near Foxwood Casino Resort emerged after Rodney Butler highlighted a legislation that was recently enacted by the General Assembly and Governor Ned Lamont.

Foxwoods Marijuana Dispensary – What the Possibility Means

Allowing the use of marijuana has always been a controversial topic. Every participant involved has majorly expressed their views on the extreme sides. One has been in favor of it, but the other has opposed it.

The recently enacted legislation left one window open. That window is now being used by the companies to get their job done.

The legislation that was recently enacted by the General Assembly and Governor Ned Lamont allows the recreational use of the drug. It also recognizes the rights of the Native American tribe. Both of them, when combined, boost the retail business of cannabis in the state.

With the recognition of the tribe in place, a state can enter into an agreement with the tribe. This agreement can be used to build a professional relationship and establish a business with collaboration.

The Mashantucket Pequot Nation is already on a path to explore every possible option. The same was announced by Rodney Butler. He said that the enacted legislation had provided an opportunity, and they were now looking to review all the available options.

Once the retail business of marijuana is in place near Foxwood Casino Resort, the revenue collection of the state is expected to touch the mark of $33.6 million in the fiscal year 2023.

Within three years, that is, by the fiscal year 2026, the revenue of the state is estimated to rise by 189%. In other words, the state will earn approximately $97 million in the next three years from the time the dispensary is established.

The benefit will not limit just to the state. It is being planned to be shared with the citizens as well.

Every citizen who resides in the part of 35 Connecticut cities and towns will be given priority to acquire the business’s license.

What the Future Holds

The plan of The Mashantucket Pequot Nation to establish its mega dispensary by the end of 2022 has ignited a series of more such dispensaries being opened in the state. Senator Cathy Osten, a legislative ally of The Mashantucket Pequot Nation, has expressed her support for the sale of cannabis in the casino.

Senator Cathy Osten, who runs Mohegan Sun, has also backed the establishment of a similar dispensary in her senate district, which is Norwich.

Many similar backings are expected to arise in the future.


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