Cannabis research to fight COVID-19

Israel Launches Trials Using Cannabis to Combat COVID-19


With over 2.6 million confirmed cases all over the world and 1,84,643 deaths from COVID-19, researchers all over the world are hurrying to find a treatment to fight the fatal respiratory infection. Researchers in Israel labs are working on initiating trials and treatment for COVID-19 using CBD-steroid treatment using Cannabis.

The pandemic has beguiled doctors worldwide. All the eye catching researches taking place worldwide involved cannabis as a potential treatment for fighting COVID-19.

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InnoCan Pharma made an announcement that its subordinate company has collaborated with Tel Aviv University for developing a treatment to fight COVID-19 using cannabidiol loaded exosomes.

These are small structures created during the multiplication of stem cells. The research backed with revolutionary exosome-based technology will be tested by the company against a number of lung infections.

The patients being subjected to treatment with cannabidiol loaded exosomes will be subjected to CBD via inhalation techniques. The company proposes that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can assist with the recovery of lung cells that have been infected with the virus.

Several research studies performed on animals have shown promising results in lowering inflammation. However, it has not been confirmed to prevent or treat the condition caused by the deadly Coronavirus.

Combination of CBD and Steroids to treat COVID-19

There is yet another study that is experimenting the combination of steroids and CBD for treating COVID-19 patients. Trials will be initially done on 10 patients who have been tested positive and are currently getting treatment with steroids at Rabin Medical Center in Israel.

As per a press release, the trail will be done over a few weeks. If the trial is successful, then the tests will be done on more patients to study the effects.

In a press release, it was stated that “steroid treatment is usually the first or second line of treatment of hospitalized patients. CBD enhances the therapeutic effect of steroid treatment and treats the bio-mechanism affected by the virus.”

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This trial is being directed by Stero Biotechs in association with Mor Research Applications. Stero Biotechs acquired a patent in August 2018 for steroid-sparing CBD-based treatment. The company believes that this has the potential to minimize the devastating effect of steroids.

Anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis

The third study involves investigating whether cannabis can slow down lung infections in COVID-19 patients or not owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The study has been launched by Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center for studying the efficacy of cannabis in COVID-19 patients with moderate symptoms.

The head of internal medicine, Professor Alon Grosman at Beilinson Hospital shared that, “We know that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and if it succeeds in stopping the cytokine storm that would be very big news”.

Cannabis-based Disinfectants

Ethan Russo, an American neurologist, cannabinoid researcher, and psychopharmacology announced a company with business partner Nishi Whitely. The motive of this company is to develop and commercialize a range of cannabinoid innovations with industrial, medical and diagnostic applications.

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Russo is hopeful that the company will get on the market as soon as possible. He expects that his cannabinoid innovations can also be effective against bacteria and fungi. He is looking to launch something that is effective, cheap, and safe.


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