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Marijuana Home Deliveries Rise in California Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


A company in California has hurried to increase its delivery fleet. Another company has witnessed its sales triple. The global pandemic has left millions of people trapped in their homes. The theaters, restaurants, and bars are empty. However, an unforeseen surge in sales at US pot shops has been noted in recent weeks with increased Marijuana home deliveries.

Marijuana users in California and elsewhere in the US are on a buying spree. They are stocking up cannabis for finding relief during government lockdowns and in a period filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

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California, San Francisco, and New York are among the top cities that have labeled dispensaries as essential businesses that can remain open even during lockdowns. However, certain limitations have also been laid down by the authorities.

Washington and Colorado have also reported a surge in sales as per the data published by the data company, Headset. Dispensaries have been quick to act to accommodate the needs of wary customers. Many have increased pickup and delivery options.

Eaze, an online marijuana delivery company in California mentioned that the order value recently jumped up by 38 percent due to coronavirus scare. The deliveries to first-time customers have also spiked by 50 percent.

Weedmaps has also recorded a massive jump in their pickup and delivery orders. They have mentioned that California has witnessed a 66 percent surge in order volume in the second week of March. This is quite high when compared to the volume observed in the first week of this month.

Kyle Kazan, the CEO of Glass House Group has purchased several Priuses for adding more delivery vehicles to the fleet to keep up with the increasing demand. A lot of people are afraid to step out because of the fear of getting sick.

cannabis dispensary San Francisco
A customer shopping at a cannabis dispensary in San Francisco wearing a mask

Moreover, the governments have also ordered lockdowns and to practice social distancing. Kazan said, “We will have to bring the store to them.”

Herbery has two stores operating in Washington and Vancouver. This company has noted a spike in its sales by 30 percent since the announcement made by the Governor to maintain social distancing to cope up with the outbreak.

There is yet another store that experienced its sales double in a single day. The owner said that people are purchasing four or five items instead of what they usually purchase.

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A lot of people have also been inquiring about the legal limit. People are stocking up products. Several stores in California have been forced to close their doors or restrict their sales over health fears.

Much of the legal market is up and running in all the states. Residents are finding it difficult to find bread, toilet paper, and other staples hard to find. New York and Los Angeles have also declared marijuana dispensaries as essential businesses and they can remain open in this period of lockdown.

A dispensary operator shared that patients are requesting for 30-day supplies instead of going for weekly stocks. There has also been a significant increase in home-delivery requests. Companies have reported delays in deliveries because of the increasing demand.

Companies have worked round the clock to increase their delivery efficiency and to limit crowds at the dispensaries. San Francisco has shut down all its pot shops as a part of its lockdown order.

Zachary Pitts, the CEO of Ganga Goddess delivery services based in Oakland said that his company sales have tripled in the period of lockdown. “It’s been insane levels of business”, he added. “Marijuana can be consumed at home safely and doesn’t require you to be in a social setting. Hence, deliveries actually make sense.

The boost in revenue has offered hope to a lot of companies. They have been working round the clock and at the same time are ensuring the safety of their customers and employees. Cash-heavy businesses have installed hand sanitizers at multiple points inside their stores. Dispensaries are offering curbside pickups as well.

Amid health crisis, curbside pickup seems much more preventative, claims the owner of a Los Angeles dispensary, Jerred Kiloh. He has ensured the implementation of sanitation steps in his store.

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The lobby surfaces are routinely being cleaned where the customers usually pick up orders. He has instructed his employees to wear medical gloves. In yet another store, Purell hand sanitizers has been set up right next to the cash register. This is because the company is managing cash every day from various customers.

The surge in income has been welcomed by several California businesses that had been struggling for a long time. Cali Manzello, the store manager at Apothecarium dispensary shared that people knew that they needed something to sail through.

It is still not clear when the lockdown would be lifted. However, the period has proven to be beneficial for home delivery services and the cannabis industry in California.


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