The First-Ever Cannabis Café in the Country is all set to Open in West Hollywood


Lowell Farms — a project of marijuana company Lowell Herb Co., can boast of being the first licensed cannabis café in West Hollywood. The news has come as a surprise to the cannabis industry users much to the chagrin of the neighbors.


Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and Elevation VIP Coop founder Andrea Drummer has been roped into this project as he would be involved in creating a smoky menu for Lowell Farms that incorporates CBD, THC, or both in dishes, thereby promoting the significance of cannabis on personal health.

Anyone who has one of those licenses should feel an enormous sense of responsibility—and there should be—not only to the city of West Hollywood but to the country,” Drummer told a local website in April. “There are eyes on us in doing this and executing it.

Lowell Farms is not the only cannabis restaurant in the country. There is the Oregon’s world-famous Cannabis Café (now NW Cannabis Club).

The Canna Kitchen in the United Kingdom, has its Brighton customers going gaga over their meals that have cannabis in them and delivers meat and animal product-free fare that contain CBD and other cannabinoids.

The current weed trend in the United States is to host private dinners and events which are organized by chefs who have mastered the marijuana recipes. And Lowell Farms will add to the glory of the weed industry in its own unique style of being a very modern and aesthetically designed restaurant with a Hollywood ambience.

The Lowell Farms’ approval has caused a negative ripple as well in the neighborhood.

Although the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is happy mulling over the pot tourism prospects of the area, and a neighborhood watch group has been happy with the prospect of a 24 hour security the café would promise, local parents have been troubled with this setup and have concerns over their kids living in it’s vicinity. And the problems do not stop here.

A major disapproval has come from the synagogue Congregation -Kol Ami that is located 300 feet away from the restaurant. The synagogue has concerns that the cannabis smoke will be a major disturbance and distraction to the congregation members, especially to those who come seeking relief and assistance from addiction issues.

The congregation’s rabbi’s mail to the to city council members read as, “I don’t know why my congregation members and participants have to walk through clouds of marijuana to get to synagogue.

The Lowell Farms general manager, Kevin Brady has claimed that the place would be the least problem to the neighbors.

We are respectful of the neighborhood and are committed to ensure any cannabis scent generated from our property doesn’t impact our neighbors,” says Kevin.

It had been reported that “After the café was approved, the rabbi left without a word.

Watch out for Lowell Farms coming to West Hollywood this September, located at 1201 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038, next to the Kol Ami Congregation synagogue.


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