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Tyson 2.0, the new Cannabis Brand Launched by Mike Tyson will Offer 1-Ounce Bags with Strains for $89.95


Mike Tyson, who was the world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990 and is known by names like ‘Iron Mike’ and ‘Kid Dynamite’, launched his Tyson 2.0 cannabis line on Friday, November 26, in Colorado.

He launched the brand line in partnership with Colombia Care, an industry-leading, multi-state cannabis operator, who is one of the first providers of medical cannabis in the U.S.

Jesse Channon, Columbia Care’s chief growth officer, said that because of Mike Tyson’s passion for cannabis and the insight he brought to the new brand through his own positive outcomes, Columbia Care’s team knew that they needed to bring the new product line, which had a very broad appeal, to the market as quickly as possible.

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He also said that his company was thrilled to ramp up the partnership at the time they did. He further added that it was perfectly fitting that the new product was being launched in Colorado, which is one of the largest markets of Columbia Care. The company looked forward to leveraging its experience and scale to bring the new project to fusion across the country.

Tyson recently told CNBC that cannabis made him a different person and that he was releasing his Tyson 2.0 cannabis to help people who were looking for emotional and physical relief. He said that it was really all about the love of the medicine and that he put a great deal of time in cannabis cultivation and in discovering the right strain.

The 55-year-old former king of heavyweight boxing said that if he did not use cannabis or something of a similar capacity, for a week or even three days, he was a totally different person. And he said that he was not a likable person then.

CNBC reports that the Tyson 2.0 brand will begin by selling 1-ounce bags of their product, which includes a variety of strains, for $89.95. The company also has plans to sell pre-rolls and 3.5-gram jars of flower in the next few months.

Adam Wilks, CEO of Tyson 2.0 told CNBC that Tyson was not just putting his name on the new product. Instead he was fully involved in the process of research and development. Tyson even chose the strains he would prefer to be processed, and his favorite strains were ‘Sour Diesel’ and ‘The Toad’.

According to Wilks, the product would not reach the market without the approval of Tyson. Tyson too, corroborated Wilk’s statement by saying that his best strain was ‘Sour Diesel’ and that it had a powerful connection with the buyer.

Mike Tyson is said to have been invited by Lobin Low, the agriculture minister of Malawi, to become the face of his country’s cannabis industry, and thereby help to bolster the country’s tourism. Malawi is an East African country that has legalized the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes though it has not decriminalized its use for recreational purposes.

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According to CNN, Malawai’s decision to invite Tyson to become the country’s cannabis ambassador has led to some controversy because there is opposition to it in some quarters of the country.

Malawi’s Centre for Public Accountability (CPA) has protested against making someone like Tyson, who has a history of conviction for rape, the brand ambassador for the product. However, the authorities have defended their decision.

Malawian Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Gracian Lungu said in a statement to CNN on Friday, November 26, that Malawi as a nation believed that Mr. Tyson was a right and reformed person as he was released on parole. According to him, the outlook of those, who continue to regard Tyson as a morally corrupt person, was incorrect and would not hold water.


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