40% of Americans Want CBD to be Sold Over-the-Counter and Over Two-Third Conscious of Its Benefits


In accordance to survey data, almost four in ten Americans (39%) support the legal sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) oils for adults as an over-the-counter buy, while  21 % agree that CBD should be brought only on the lines of doctors’ recommendations.

A small percentage, around 2%, argues that such products shouldn’t be made available with another 36% wholly not being familiar with the product.

Briefly speaking, between the adults who are familiar with the products, 61% intended for over-the-counter purchase of CBD products with another 33% necessitating the need of doctor’s prescription to buy one; while 4% do not want such products to be sold at all.

Extracted from hemp, the cannabis plant species, and is slated to have a very minimal amount of THC, CBD oil is touted to have varied therapeutic and medicinal merits. With very little THC, the compound related to causing the euphoric high, CBD oils do not produce hallucination associated with marijuana making it safe and non-addictive in nature.

The use of CBD products have now been legalized in most states, but, limitations on its sale, with only dispensaries permitted to sell or retail centers requiring a legit physician’s approval for selling, still lingers.

Though CBD products differ a tad bit from medical marijuana, both are held at high regard from the surveyed Americans owing to the different benefits they are peddled to provide. In fact, a Gallup poll survey results convey that the medicinal value of the marijuana is one of the strong suits supporters of the legalization of marijuana rely upon for their cause.

US Adult Population’s Awareness About CBD

Almost two in three Americans claim to have some knowledge about the influx of CBD oils in the market, though only 14% indicate of being “very familiar” with the products, while 33% state that they are “somewhat familiar” and another 17% resorting to being “not too familiar”.

The same status quo almost applies across different societal groups, across most age groups, gender, and party ID.

Stance of CBD and its Benefits Among Americans

Taking into consideration the group which is familiar with the product, a major proportion of people support its medical claim with over 33% stating that CBD has ‘a lot of health benefits’, and another 45% believing it to have ‘some benefits’.

Out of which, only 1 in 5 do not believe in its’ benefits, which in percentages translate to less than 14 percent who state that it has ‘few benefits’ and another 4% who state ‘no benefits’. Adjusting the numbers for those who aren’t aware of the product into the equation, 21% of all Americans side with the idea that CBD has a lot of merits while another 29% agree that it has some benefits.

Assurance in CBD products has also continued to increase with more people getting to know about it. In other words, 64% of those who are aware of the product substantiate that it has many medical effects, compared to 27% of those who are somewhat aware and 21% of those who aren’t very well versed with the product. In spite of it all, a majority of the three different groups agree that CBD has some benefits.

Markedly, people under the young adult group show an inclination towards the different medicinal benefits of CBD than seniors who are familiar with the product with almost 41% of those in the age group of 18-29 trusting its benefits compared to 24 percent of those over 65 and older.


It is interesting to note that the CBD oil venture has been performing extremely well over the state with retail sales of CBD products recording between $600 million and $2 billion last year, which is expected to skyrocket to $16 billion by 2025, in accordance to data from Forbes.

With medical researches and continued scientific studies delving into its benefits, along with state legislation issuing laws and protocols about the sale, growth and licensing of CBD products, hemp growers and corporate investments have continued to expand across the state.

Though medical research hasn’t caught up with the wide set of claims and benefits established about the use of CBD, the general consensus has shifted in favor for the product with over half of Americans believing in some of its medicinal value. The percentage is slated to increase over time with the familiarity of the products shooting up.


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