CBD Brand Spotlight: AdvoCanna


Brand Name: AdvoCANNA – Advocates of Cannabis for Beauty

Brand Overview:
AdvoCANNA is a company that offers specialized CBD Beauty products by drawing in the undeniable benefits of CBD oil on the skin. They dispel all the wrong notions about the use of cannabis and negate such news with proven research and success stories of brand loyalists. AdvoCANNA, or Advocates of Cannabis for Beauty, was born out of the ingenuity and passion of two women from Tampa, who believed that nature has endowed us the perfect supplement to enrich the wellness of our skin in the form of CBD oil derived from the Cannabis plant.

Alex, who has studied biomedical sciences at the University of South Florida, teamed up with Kim, having a great exposure in skincare and worked for the biggest brands in the industry, to formulate CDB-infused skincare products and tested it on themselves before going public with their products. Most of the products are end-to-end CBD isolates combined with other scientifically proven ingredients that make up one of the most potent skin rejuvenating products you’ll ever find.

AdvoCANNA also proposes to negate the biased, misinformed and misunderstood public opinions on the hemp plant, thanks to the countless anti-cannabis campaigns, and bring forth its true potential via their products. A testimony to their commitment is the fact that they only use the best method of extracting the purest quality of CBD oil, through CO2 Extraction & Precipitation, to obtain 99% pure CBD oil that increases its efficacy on the skin. Alex and Kim, together through their expertise in CBD oil research and rich experience in the skincare industry, are setting the tone for CBD-oil based products in the beauty & skincare industry and doing it in a great way!


Product Overview: 

AdvoCANNA Balance Pure CBD Daily Face Cream

AdvoCANNA Brighten Pure CBD & Retinol Anti-Aging Cream

AdvoCANNA Lush Pure CBD Hand & Foot Repair Cream

AdvoCANNA Mist Pure CBD Face Toner

AdvoCANNA Refresh Pure CBD Daily Face Cleanser

AdvoCANNA Revive Pure CBD & Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Cream



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