CBD Brand Spotlight: Aponi BioBotanica


Brand Name: Aponi BioBotanica


Brand Overview:

With the myths regarding hemp gradually starting to dispel with both documented evidence and researches supported by medical professionals, hemp extracts are now being utilized for their therapeutic benefits. Aligned toward the same cause, Aponi BioBotanica is a company that provides one hundred percent natural hemp products which are aimed for overall wellness of one’s body with an impetus to both mental and physical fitness. The company pledges to provide a safe all-natural solution with no compromises in standards or safety to its many valued customers who seek a natural herbal solution for their everyday discomfort or for treating aches of chronic illness.

With an extensive framework of knowledge and understanding, Aponi is able to develop products that involve an exclusive combination of CBD extracts and EFA-rich Emu oil which can provide cellular regrowth, skin restoration and relief for aches and inflammation. This potent formulation aids in significant benefits to one’s health by strengthening the immune system, augmenting natural detoxification and promoting healthy digestion. Aponi products work excellently in enhancing the functioning of the Endocannabinoid system and cognitive system improving concentration, reducing anxiety and providing a sense of calm and focus.

The ingredients employed in all of Aponi products are pure & natural and do not contain traces of any solvents like parabens, phthalates, toxins or artificial colors or fragrances. Aponi BioBotanica takes extensive care to select ingredients only with utmost purity and quality to create their premium products which are then subjected to meticulous testing to assert quality and efficacy.

Currently, the brand’s line of products involves Tinctures and Topicals which come with different essences. The Tinctures, which are called Aponi Balms, are formulations meant to revitalize cellular growth, skin regeneration and treat aching or irritated skin. Topicals are called as Aponi Elixirs which strengthen the immune system, enhance natural detoxification and aid in the overall wellness by augmenting other body functions. Apart from its product line, Aponi BioBotanica bids to join the awareness movement educating people on the benefits and safety of hemp extracts through thoroughly researched facts and trusted testimonials.


Product Overview:

CBD Topicals –

Aponi BioBotanica CBD Extract Balm

Aponi BioBotanica CBD Extract Balm – Menthol


CBD Tinctures –

Aponi BioBotanica Elixir 250 CBD Tincture (3 Flavors)

Aponi BioBotanica Elixir 500 CBD Tincture (3 Flavors)


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