CBD Brand Spotlight: Basic CBD


Brand Name: Basic CBD


Brand Overview:

Basic CBD, a renowned CBD manufacturer in Colorado is offering highly potent and top-grade CBD supplements amidst a market of products filled with additives and toxins.  With adulterants and chemical constituents being constantly administered at every stage of our lives from our daily food, to water and even the air we breathe, Basic CBD vows to deliver products in their pristine and pure form, suited for high efficacy and safety.

CBD, which is slated to be therapeutically beneficial by treating conditions of anxiety, acute pain, insomnia, etc., doesn’t cause the euphoric “high” associated with other cannabis products. Since its legalization, several CBD products have been swarming the market, but unfortunately, a concoction of whole other adulterants and additives have followed which have lowered its potency or rendered unwanted results. Basic CBD aims to combat the predicament with their well-researched, adulterant-free products.

From source to the marketing of the product, the company takes utmost care and attention to prevent the influx of any unwanted agents and follow it with reliable 3rd party testing to assure quality and integrity of the brand at the turn of every step.

Basic CBD entails careful cultivation of Non-GMO Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) cannabis plants which are grown in an organic manner by trained professionals who share over 100 years of experience in the respective field of cannabis rearing. The Colorado-grown hemp nurtured without the aid of Pesticides, Herbicides, and Chemical Fertilizers is then extracted utilizing a highly specialized technology to provide full spectrum products intrinsic with CBD richness.  The potent products are subjected to multiple tests and quality measures to ensure safety, standard and quantity.

Setting it further apart from its other contemporaries is the fact that the company shares vivid knowledge and practice in the fields of extraction and purification techniques. With their pioneering expertise, Basic CBD has formulated a broad safety system for the ingestion of the products.

Basic CBD products

Basic CBD offers for a range of tinctures which are an efficient way of equipping CBD oil. The Full Spectrum CBD Tincture delivers a complete range of cannabinoids along with benefits of Essential Amino Acids, Calcium, etc., while the Premium Zero CBD Oil Tincture is 99% Pure CBD Isolate and MCT Oil. These Gluten-Free Vegan supplements can be readily infused with drinks or other edibles.


Product Overview:

Basic CBD CBD Tintures

Basic CBD Premium Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – 500/1,000 mg

Basic CBD Premium Hemp Zero THC CBD Oil Tincture – 500/1,000 mg



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