CBD Brand Spotlight: Citizen CBD


Brand Name: Citizen CBD


Brand Overview:

Citizen CBD is not just a manufacturer that markets high-quality CBD products but is also revolutionizing a significant change for communities in need. They look forward to providing premium hemp-based products to all those in need from different strata of life with no compromise in quality and quantity. Benefiting from the therapeutic effects of CBD products, the company looks to an effective health regime for its consumers.

However, they have an underlying mission where they intend to support combat veterans that return home having sacrificed years and undergone traumas of varied range. The company donates to foundations set up specifically to cater to the needs of combat veterans who battle with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other health issues. Citizen CBD is passionate and devoted to supporting them through their treatment. At present, the company donates to the We Defy Foundation which is a non-profit organization that intends to enhance the physically and mentally disabled veterans.

The Brand at large has a wide collection of CBD consumables in the range of E-liquids, capsules, and tinctures. They uphold quality at the highest priority and take meticulous care to ensure it is maintained through all stages, from source to manufacture of the final product. This steadfast commitment paves way for the company to be a premium manufacturer and supplier of CBD products to its valued consumers from all walks of life.

The story behind Citizen CBD

Founded by Grant Carstensen, who returned from Iraq after 10 years of active service duty in the United States Marine Corps, he was diagnosed with PTSD. Adapting back to normal life was a struggle and required treatment which Grant noticed was what many veterans would require after returning home from active duty. When he was treated with therapeutic medicines for his condition, he felt intended for others to also experience the wonderful benefits of CBD.

This inspired Grant to start the company, Citizen CBD, which would aid and support both men and women returning from combat and allow them to adapt back to normal life. Citizen CBD is his first business enterprise, which not only has a wide collection of hemp-based products but also operates with the vision to benefit veterans with every product sold.

In the long run, Citizen CBD aims to partner with major charities and organizations that relentlessly work toward serving veterans & patients and hope to better their lives with a good health and wellness regime. With this mission at heart, Citizen CBD is optimistic about a better future and is thankful to its beloved customers in supporting them.

Product Overview:


Citizen CBD CBD Topicals

Citizen CBD Hot Ice Rub

Citizen CBD Pain Spray

Citizen CBD Skin Silk

Citizen CBD Athletic Rub


Citizen CBD CBD Vape Oil

Citizen CBD Premium CBD E-Liquid (Vape Additive)


Citizen CBD CBD Tintures

Citizen CBD Premium CBD Tincture


Citizen CBD CBD Capsules

Citizen CBD Premium Full Spectrum CBD Gelcaps


Citizen CBD CBD Edibles

Citizen CBD Gummies


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