CBD Brand Spotlight: Populum


Brand Name: Populum


Brand Overview:

Populum is a cannabinoid company that offers premium range hemp CBD products rich in quality and efficacy to the likes of its varied consumers and communities. Aimed at well-being and daily routine care, the company utilizes high-grade hemp extracts that are available on the market in union with local US farmers.

While for long the nature of CBD and hemp has remained a case of doubt, Populum is on a mission to clear the stigma related with CBD products and promote its wellness and efficacy in treating varied medical conditions through the supply of premium quality CBD oils and tinctures. Found in 2016, the company aims to provide its valued consumers with products that enable them to enjoy the myriad benefits and the goodness of CBD & hemp in its wholeness.

Partnering with Colorado farmers and a team of certified PhDs, Populum uses completely organic and locally sourced ingredients of premium standards, free of adulterants and pollutants. It is then engineered using latest technologies and skilled expertise to get a product that is potent and safe. The company’s use of ingenious technology works not only at purifying the extract and removing unwanted agents but also assuring a product with maximum potency levels which can serve as a daily essential supplement.

Populum holds accountability and integrity at the highest regard ensuring that quality is maintained at every stage of production – from extraction to manufacturing and packaging. In fact, every product is pioneered in a GMP-certified facility which is then subjected to intricate third-party testing to screen for adulterants and potency levels lest there be any compromise in quality or quantity. With the use of 100 percent natural ingredients, the products are created to perfection from source to get go while also being accessible, affordable and safe for use.

Apart from their unique and tasteful flavoring for their hemp products, Populum also markets full spectrum products that are completely THC-free. Such is their trust in their product, that the company even offers 30-day trial packages and provides a refund in case of customer dissatisfaction.


Product Overview:

Remedi CBD Tinctures

Populum Premium Hemp CBD Oil Tincture – 250/500/1,000 mg


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