CBD Brand Spotlight: Prestige CBD


Brand Name: Prestige CBD


Brand Overview:

Prestige CBD is a renowned CBD manufacturer which produces premium grade Cannabidiol-infused products that are created with absolute adherence to high quality, potency and safety levels. With its’ mission aimed at offering its valued consumers the goodness of CBD through carefully engineered products which are also appropriately priced, Prestige CBD intends to educate the masses on the various benefits of CBD.

Employing natural ingredients brought into the picture by both traditional and new practices, the company looks to craft products that are perfectly blended and catering to the different sets of consumers. Their team of specialists and scientists indulge in extensive research and innovative technologies to explore CBD to its full potential while also rendering products that are effective and competitive in both price and design. Sourced from all around the world, the products are duly tested and guaranteed to not contain any THC – the component associated with causing the euphoric high. The ingredients used are free of pesticides and other adulterants which can cause any ill effects or reduce the efficacy of the extract.

Prestige CBD holds accountability and safety of its consumers at the highest regards, implementing transparency in all aspects of manufacture. Right from the source to get-go, the company undertakes environment-friendly extraction techniques and production methods while also ensuring accurate third- party verified testing and disclosure of full CoA’s upon request. Each batch is individually screened for quality testing and safety norms to ensure that only the best of the products reach the shelves for the consumers.

Currently, Prestige CBD provides 4 product ranges in the market. It involves tinctures, known as ‘Prestige CBD Tonic’, topical named ‘Prestige CBD Vegan Healing Salve’, a ‘Roll-On CBD Topical’ and a ‘CBD Facial Serum’. The products are slated to contain from around 200-3,000 mg of cannabidiol depending on the product, especially with the Healing Salve and Roll-On having a generous amount of cannabidiol.


Prestige CBD Product Overview:

Prestige CBD Topicals

Prestige CBD Facial Serum – 250 mg

Prestige CBD Roll-On Topical – 250/500 mg

Prestige CBD Vegan Healing Salve


Prestige CBD Tinctures

Prestige Tonic CBD Oil – 200/400/1,000/3,000 mg



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