CBD Brand Spotlight: Receptra Naturals


Brand Name: Receptra Naturals


Brand Overview:

With the objective of providing wholesome physical & mental performance with its range of Active Lifestyle Hemp CBD Oils, was born Receptra Naturals, a company which markets premium CBD products that are made from hand-selected hemp plants grown in Colorado and are 100 percent organic. Grown at family farms, the company steadfastly devotes to organic and environmentally responsible practices, right from the source to the go, to create a whole spectrum of high-grade cannabinoids that ensures uncompromising wellness to its customers.


With all of its plants cultivated in the state of Colorado, Receptra Naturals employs a careful and meticulous screening process to select hemp plants, where only the flower of the plant is utilized to extract CBD oil of excellent standards and efficiency. Manufactured in a fully licensed facility, the company holds accountability and integrity at the highest levels, ensuring that quality is maintained at every stage of production, from extraction to manufacturing and packaging. The company believes that only a potent, all-natural, contaminant-free CBD product would be the perfect solution for the overall well-being and goodness for its valued customers.


Receptra Naturals’ commitment to quality and reliability is further reinstated by exhaustive third-party testing which examines every batch of the company’s products for quality assurance. The results are also shared with the consumers as Receptra believes in transparency at every level; one can easily check the certification of analysis and other validations for each product on the company’s official site. The consistent maintenance and quality checks stand as testimony to the company’s integrity at offering only pure hemp extracts suited for daily use.


Running through their product range, the Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle Hemp CBD Oils provides for an active life, keeping one energized and focused throughout the day, thanks to the healing nature of its ingredients. The Brand also provides for topical solutions to relieve muscle and joint pain with its Receptra Targeted Topical, which aids in rejuvenating and enhancing one’s body. If that wasn’t all, the company also extends the goodness of CBD hemp to your beloved four-legged companion with Receptra Pet, which is a whole natural Pet CBD Oil specially catered to the needs of pet to provide for a safe and natural health regime.


Product Overview:

Receptra Naturals CBD Tintures

Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

Receptra Naturals Elite Lifestyle Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

Receptra Naturals Health and Wellness Plus Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

Receptra Naturals Health and Wellness Prime Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

Receptra Naturals Pro Lifestyle Hemp CBD Oil Tincture


Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals

Receptra Hemp CBD Body Butter Topical 430 MG

Receptra Hemp CBD Targeted Topical


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