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CBD Brand Spotlight: Remedi CBD


Brand Name: Remedi CBD


Brand Overview:

With changing laws pertaining to CBD, Cannabis-derived products have become more popular than ever. Several companies are now coming out with great CBD infused products that have a broad range of benefits for people suffering from various disorders as well as aimed at general health and well-being. Remedi CBD is one such brand that is renowned for offering quality CBD products that have been tested by reputed agencies.

Remedi CBD is a renowned brand in Colorado selling hemp-derived CBD products. It is backed by a consultative council of farmers, extraction specialists, physicists and scientists, all to help bring out products with high efficacy and free to additives. The initial line of hemp-derived products launched by the company focused solely on delivery systems with noticeable and proven effects.

The industrial hemp farms approved by the state grow the crops for the company in Colorado in an organic way. The hemp used in creating the extracts for the products are also licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. All the products offered by the company are made using 100 percent organic ingredients. The company works closely with advanced refinery labs and extraction facilities. The full spectrum isolates and oils used in creating the products are extensively tested in the laboratory, where each batch is run through tests for cleanliness and potency. The lab has been granted approvals from the Denver Department of Health and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Each batch of product is backed with a Certificate of Analysis assuring effectiveness and potency.

Remedi CBD has entered into a partnership with the storage and fulfillment centers approved by the state. The distribution company that manages the storage process for Remedi is one of the best in the industry. The company has laid down stringent standards for shipping and storage methods. The Remedi CBD product line is stored in Colorado only in approved storages for CBD-derived products. Remedi CBD strives to offer products that are efficient and have been handled in the safest manner possible.

Remedi CBD offers numerous products with varies types of ingestion and added ingredients. You can shop for creams, gummies, isolates, capsules, tinctures, vapes and a lot more from the official store. There are CBD Tinctures available for your pets as well. With an all-natural approach toward extraction and manufacture of CBD products, Remedi CBD strives to offer the most consistent and effective range of CBD edibles.

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Product Overview:

Remedi CBD CBD Topicals

Remedi CBD Blood Orange CBD Topical Lotion – 100/500/1,000 mg

Remedi CBD Unscented CBD Topical Lotion


Remedi CBD CBD Edibles

Remedi CBD Boost THC Free CBD Gummies

Remedi CBD Essential THC Free CBD Gummies

Remedi CBD Organic Daytime CBD Edible Gummies


Remedi CBD CBD Capsules

Remedi CBD Essential Caps Full-Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules

Remedi CBD Essential Caps THC Free CBD Isolate Gel Capsules

Remedi CBD THC Free High Potency Boost CBD Capsules

Remedi CBD THC Free High Potency CBD Capsules


Remedi CBD CBD Vape Oil

Remedi CBD Essential CBD Vape Pen – Black

Remedi CBD Essential CBD Vape Pen – White


Remedi CBD CBD Tintures

Remedi CBD Essential Drops CBD Tincture – – 150/500/1,500/3,000 mg

Remedi CBD Essential Drops CBD Tincture – Mint – 500/1,500/3,000 mg





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  1. Yet their company has no verifiable evidence of any lab testing available. Strange. It would seem someone from this company wrote this article to promote themselves.

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