Luxury Cannabis-Infused Macarons from Hervé for Sale in Las Vegas

Luxury dessert maker Hervé and Planet 13 dispensary have teamed up to bring to you the first-ever exotic collection of Macarons infused with cannabis.

This would be the fanciest offering of cannabis yet. Hervé macarons were launched officially on the Valentine’s Day in dispensaries throughout the state of Nevada. The new edibles brand was founded by two-Frenchmen based in Toronto, Frédéric Naggar, and Sébastien Centner.

The macarons are being offered from the extension of Eatertainment, which is a leading event and catering company.

Planet 13 which is one of the largest dispensaries in the world, is one of the first retailers to stock Hervé. Currently, the macarons are being sold in 14 retail outlets. By the end of this month, the macarons will be sold in 28 stores.

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The Vice President of Planet 13, David Farris said that it is quite amazing to see cannabis brands creating luxury edibles. This is something that the customers always keep asking for. Hervé macarons represent a range of high-end edibles in comparison to other options available in Nevada.

“Hervé edibles are handcrafted as per French tradition. The macaron consists of two delicate almond cookies sandwiched intricately around fillings of rich chocolate ganache and flavored buttercreams.”

herve cannabis macarons
Hervé’s Cannabis-infused macarons are available in 3 distinct flavors

Currently, cannabis macarons are available in three flavors: Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Raspberry. The company also offers non-cannabis infused macarons.

The pieces are free from gluten and consist of 10 milligrams of THC distillate from premium Sativa hybrid. Three macarons enclosed in magnetic enclosures are being sold for $19 in dispensaries.

Owing to the restrictions over cannabis edibles in Canada, the partners decided to venture into the luxury-leaning market of Las Vegas. There are plans to expand the business in California and Colorado.

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Partnership with Silver State Wellness has made international roll-out possible for Hervé. Silver State Wellness operates under DBA Cannabiniers which is a developer of global cannabis brands. The company owns an 18,000 square foot facility in San Diego.

Tim Walters, the COO of Cannabiniers shared that the company is thrilled to offer a world-class luxury cannabis dessert that promises to elevate the experience of the customers.

herve macaron
Every Hervé macaron is hand-painted!

He stated that the company is delighted to support Hervé with its Nevada launch as a part of its support to healthier cannabis products.

Naggar and Centner claim that Hervé is an homage to passion for fine food and shared heritage. They have a collective vision to offer cannabis edibles at a higher level that is based on recipes that are deeply rooted in French history.

The duo shared that they give utmost importance to the integrity of the product. They had been working on perfecting the recipe for seven years. They also spent 18 months studying infusion technology.

They believe that their product is the best macaron in the world with or without any cannabis in it. They are pretty much excited about the launch of their product in the luxury-craving Nevada market.


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