Muscatine business owner says $5,000 worth of CBD oil was wrongfully seized by police


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MUSCATINE, Iowa– “I used to love coming to work. This place is our passion. Now I’m afraid to come to work everyday,” says Muscatine store owner Shelly Meier.

Meier has owned Nutrition Outlet with her husband for 18 years. She’s been selling oil called CBD for three years up until last month.

“There were three police officers out there, and then they came in and told me they were doing an investigation,” says Meier.

She says the officers took $5,000 worth of  the brand Plus CBD oil off her shelves because they said it was illegal to sell under Iowa law because police say it’s a form of marijuana. Meier says it’s not marijuana, she says it’s perfectly legal.

“I was like, what? I said it’s made from industrial hemp. It’s not made from cannabis. It has no psychoactive affects. They said hemp is cannabis and cannabis is marijuana, and I was like, what?” says Meier.

Meier expected her products to be tested and returned, because she says her CBD oil doesn’t have THC in it.

According to a statement released by the county attorney in Muscatine, they say they aren’t pressing legal charges, but they have the product and they’re not giving any of it back.

Meier’s shop wasn’t the only one raided. The owner of Limitless RN Holistic Health in downtown Muscatine says police took $3,000 worth of her CBD oils too.

The county attorney says anyone else in the county in possession of CBD needs to destroy it immediately.

But Meier has hope the whole thing will be cleared up soon.

“I want it back on the shelf as a supplement. It has nothing to do with medical marijuana, nothing to do with that at all,” says Meier.

A spokesperson for Plus CBD told News 8 the oil is not marijuana. He says it’s hemp oil, and it comes from agricultural hemp.

Plus CBD oil is sold at Fresh Thyme, the national grocery chain, in Davenport, Iowa.



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