NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis Says CBD Might Have Extended His Football Career


Talking to TMZ sports about the launch of his wellness brand Defy, Terrell Davis discusses his personal stance about the use of CBD and how it might have aided in extending his football career.

Rising to fame with his spectacular performance in 1995 after making into the league, Terrell Davis had all the makes for superstardom in NFL. He had notched more than 6,000 yards in his first four seasons alone.

Unfortunately, his prime years were cut short due to a knee injury after which he played in just 17 games in his final three seasons followed by an early retirement.

The swelling around his knee didn’t abate, which, trailed by other complications, led to the end of his career.  Davis, who retired at the age of 29, believes that had CBD been in use back then, his ‘hall of fame’ career would have not been in jeopardy.

Personally, Davis considers that the healing of the body should proceed in a natural and non- disruptive cycle, especially when it comes to inflammation and other swelling related pain symptoms.

He has been using CBD to cure his inflammation while also treating conditions of anxiety. He believes that the use of CBD following his knee surgery might have assisted in getting his career back on track.

Having been a regular user of CBD Oil for over a year, Davis is aware of its incredible effect on both his physical and mental well-being that he is, in fact, now releasing his own line of CBD products called ‘Defy’ which is all set to launch the following spring.

The health brand is slated to introduce performance drinks infused with CBD that aim for overall wellness of the body. He is optimistic that the products will play a major role in dealing with chronic pain and anxiety related ailments among different patients.

When asked about the reach of CBD through the country, Davis is quick to point that there had been a common misconception about CBD equating it to cannabis products that causes a euphoric high when consumed. Whereas CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive drug which is both safe, and non-addictive in nature.

Lastly, he concludes stating that he is ever thankful for the CBD products which have helped him through his retirement especially with their therapeutic benefits.


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