Tony Bevington, Camborne

This 80-Year Old Man was Arrested for Growing Cannabis to Treat His Medical Condition


A man was recently detained for growing cannabis and extracting CBD oil in his garage for medicinal purposes. He says that he is using Class B drugs to keep himself alive while the law prevalent in his state is killing him.

Tony, who is also known as Philip Antony Bevington from Camborne, England, started growing cannabis for extracting THC and CBD compounds. He believes that these components can keep him alive.

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Two years ago, the 80-year old was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure. The condition is terminal and there is no cure. He will have to undergo dialysis for the rest of his days.

Tony Bevington, Camborne
Unfortunately, the Police came over and confiscated 60 cannabis plants from Tony’s garage

The former horticulturist and farmer carried out a research and found out the medical benefits of cannabis. He decided to grow his own plants when CBD oil purchased from stores legally did not work in his favor.

Tony says that he is aware that he is breaking the law. He said the law is more of a pain. He claimed that he doesn’t deal with drugs. He has been quite honest when the police officers inquired him whether he was growing cannabis in his garage.

He immediately admitted but also claimed that he didn’t fiddle as drug dealers do. He further questions whether it is better to be illegally alive or legally dead.

“Tony says that he has grown his own cannabis to extract CBD oil for saving his life. He says there are far more harmful drugs to deal with. He said that he accepts that he is doing something that others wouldn’t do. He also added that he enjoyed his life and using cannabis as a medicine is helping him deal with the pain.”

Tony said that it is high time that the UK government reforms its laws pertaining to the use of cannabis. He wants cannabis to be decriminalized so that people can use it for medicinal purposes.

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Canada has already taken positive measures in this regard. He further adds that tobacco and alcohol are more detrimental in comparison to cannabis. However, they are still legal to use.

He is upset about the hypocrisy that exists in the system and hence isn’t bothered much about breaking the law. He believes he is taking an ethical and moral route to make his life much better.

Tony is of the opinion that Class B drug has the potential to prolong his life by 10 years. However, he is heartbroken that his kit has been confiscated by the police officers. He is at the risk of a prison sentence if he tries growing cannabis again.

He added, “At my age prison is not an option but I was prepared to be arrested because as it stands I have more to lose than to gain if I don’t take cannabis.”

When questioned if he would start growing cannabis again, Tony responded that the police have already cautioned him when they visited him the first time. They were quite aggressive with him when they visited the second time.

They smashed his door down at 3 am in the morning. Currently, he intends to rely on his friends who also grow cannabis. He expects the laws to change soon. The sooner the better as he doesn’t have much time left.

Cannabis plant
This is what’s left of Tony’s Cannabis production

Devon and Cornwall Police have confirmed that they did visit Tony’s house twice. A spokesperson for the police team stated that they confiscated around 60 plants. The team is bound to carry out their duties as per the law.

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It is a criminal offense to possess, grow or supply cannabis. The spokesman further added that the police understand that the legalization of drugs for medical purposes continues to be a matter of discussion.

However, it is something that the government needs to deal with and not the police. Currently, the police team is dealing with three drug-related offenses. They feel it would be unfitting for them to comment on the topic.


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