You Can Soon Buy CDB Products in 1,500 Walgreens Outlets


Those longing to explore the wonders of CBD can soon find CBD infused products being sold at their nearest Walgreens outlet, but only in select states.


The company will soon start selling, CBD sprays, patches and creams in its 1,500 outlets in select states.

CBD, a hemp derived non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis is increasingly becoming mainstream. This product is in line with the company’s efforts to offer wide range of accessible wellbeing and healthcare services and products to its consumers.

Brian Faith, Walgreens spokesman said that, “The drugstore chain will sell the cannabis-based products in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, South Carolina, Illinois and Indiana”. The company, however, decline to reveal the brands that it would carry.

Cannabis-based products received a massive boost when President Donald Trump signed an $867 billion Farm Bill in December 2018. This further paved a way for hemp cultivation on a larger scale.

Hemp has no psychoactive components that can cause a user to get intoxicated thereby creating an opportunity for them to be used in lotions and tinctures.

Rival drugstore chain CVS has also introduced CBD products in its stores across eight states earlier in this month. Cannabis has become one of the hottest consumer products ever since.

Consumers are quite curious about CBD as it promises to help everything from pain to anxiety although there is no sufficient evidence to prove these claims.

No further information was divulged by Walgreens as to when the products would go on sale. While CBD is legal in certain states in the US, there is little known about how the component actually affects people.

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The FDA has clearly specified that there isn’t enough research evidence to back the long-term effects. The FDA has cracked down the sale of CBD products being sold in dietary supplements as more research is needed.

The New York Health Department last month banned restaurants and bars from selling CBD as an additive in drinks and food.


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