Pioneering Research Demonstrate That PlusCBD Oil Aids in Enhancing Sleep, Weight Loss, and Overall Wellness


CV Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: CVSI), a prominent manufacturer and industry leader in CBD products with their renowned brand, PlusCBD Oil, proclaimed that findings of a controlled clinical study had showcased their product to have enhanced sleep, reduced appetite and improved the quality of one’s life.

This pioneering study is the first of its kind, proving that premium quality hemp CBD oil can provide therapeutic benefits and improve human lives on a scientific basis. CV Sciences is an OTC Markets traded company that receives guidance from an OTC Markets investor relations firm.

Placing 65 healthy but overweight individuals on a randomized, placebo-induced, double-blind design test, the subjects were requested to take either one PlusCBD™ Oil Gold Formula softgel or a placebo with olive oil every day for a period of 6 weeks. It was followed by a routine diet and low- intensity physical exercises.

At the conclusion of the time period, the study, according to subjects reporting, iterated that the oil supplementation enhanced sleep routines, lowered appetite while also improving the quality of their life, without being detrimental to their body.

The study was Headed by The Center for Applied Health Sciences (CAHS), which is a prominent multifaceted Contract Research Organization who are tasked with the design and execution of phase I-IV clinical trials and studies within the workings of dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, medical and functional food industries.

Hector Lopez, MD, CMO, and co-founder of CAHS also offered similar inference stating that the pivotal findings obtained collectively during the trials on healthy subjects reinstate the efficient working of PlusCBD Oil and its therapeutic benefits on peoples life.

Adding that the trials and study is a pivotal mark for the investors, as it presents first-ever irrefutable clinical trials which validate the safety and efficacy of ingredient rich hemp CBD extracts in healthy human subjects, he touted it to be a model template for other researches and studies to delve into the myriad benefits of the CBD compounds in the near future.

This novel yet revolutionary research was unveiled for the first time at the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s 16th Annual Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, on June 15th.

The Chief Executive Officer of CV Sciences, Joseph Dowling, stated that in accordance to data from the National Institutes of Health, likely one-third of the adults noted day time drowsiness which in turn affected their work schedule, driving, and social life for at least few days in a month.

He also added that pursuing advanced researches and public education that keenly explores the different benefits of hemp CBD has been one of the devoted principles of the prominent CBD oil company.

On another note, Douglas MacKay, Senior Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs for CV Sciences stated, “The Center for Applied Health Sciences Had gathered more insights and data in the course of the clinical trials, which would be employed for future analysis and experimentation to see how CBD uplifts key body functions such as stress resilience, body composition, inflammation, and selective gene expression.”

About CV Sciences, Inc.

CV Sciences, Inc. has sectors working on a twin initiative- a consumer product sector which is associated with manufacturing, marketing, and selling hemp-based CBD products that cater to a wide range of markets, and a drug development sector which focuses on developing and marketing of new therapeutics with CBD.

With the company’s PlusCBD Oil touted to be the top retailing brand in hemp CBD market, by SPINS, a leading provider of syndicated data and insights for organic, natural and specialty product, the company now operates several facilities and offices across San Diego, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.


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