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U.S. Feds Offer $100k to Researchers to see if Cannabis can Treat COVID-19


Every nation and every researcher worldwide is thinking about ways to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, a question emerged about the role Cannabis can play in treating coronavirus patients.

Canadian doctors have already dived into finding answers. Now, the U.S. Feds have made an announcement to fund researchers up to $100k to study the effect of cannabis in treating COVID-19.

Public health officials and scientists all over the world are in a rush to contain the pandemic that the world is facing today. Effective treatment or vaccine would be welcomed with open arms.

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A Canadian scientist was involved in a critical conversation recently about cannabis playing a key role in fighting against COVID-19. If administered in a rigorous, tested and formal manner, specific cannabinoids can lower inflammation and boost immunity.

Dr. Mohan Cooray is also the CEO of Cannalogue, a Toronto-based online medical cannabis retailer. He is of the opinion that he naturally occurring immunomodulatory properties of cannabinoids deserve immediate investigation.

He said, “We all know from the course of medical cannabis literature and experience that cannabinoids possess anti-inflammatory properties.”

Cannabinoids are the active plant ingredients derived from cannabis. The entourage effect or the combined effect of all cannabinoids such as CBG, THC, and CBD offers potent anti-inflammatory benefits.

Other researchers suggest that flavonoids present in cannabis are 30 times stronger than aspirin.

U.S. Feds to fund researchers to study the effects of Cannabis on COVID-19

As Dr. Cooray is stressing about studying the effects of cannabis on coronavirus, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has released a notice outlining their plan for funding the research on cannabis benefits of COVID-19 in individuals with substance abuse.

The call for research includes studying the effects on people who vape, use marijuana, and those who smoke weed. The institute is trying to understand the susceptibility to respiratory effects seen in COVID-19 patients.

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People all across the U.S. and elsewhere are fighting to contain coronavirus, and the research community needs to remain alert. It would be hard to deal with the symptoms if it hits a population with substance use disorders (SUDs).

This is because the virus attacks the lungs and can be a major threat to those who vape and smoke marijuana or tobacco.

The NIDA has started accepting research applications until March 31, 2021. The applicants approved would be provided a grant of up to $100,000 per year for studying COVID-19’s impact in patients with SUDs.

The applicants qualified would be required to submit their study within two years from the day of approval.

Proper research is key!

A study published in AIDS Care, a peer-reviewed medical journal has highlighted the impact that cannabinoid has on AIDS/HIV patients. The findings have highlighted that cannabis users have a strong immune system and also high T-cell counts.

Dr. Cooray believes that this is our chance to build on the previous studies carried out on cannabis. He shared that we are already aware of the immunomodulatory properties of cannabis from a medical viewpoint.

He said that we have witnessed tremendous results in arthritis, multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease patients. Looking into the urgency of the matter, we can proceed with cannabis studies without wasting time any further.

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Cannalogue, run by Dr. Cooray, is playing its part. He said that the need is greater than ever to discover the endless possibilities of using cannabis.

He shared that he isn’t claiming that cannabis can be used for treatment or for preventing COVID-19. However, he said that we are aware of the potential of cannabinoids and their immunomodulatory properties. This is the reason why there is a need for expedited investigation during the current global pandemic.


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