Daniel Bryan Reveals Eco-friendly WWE Championship Belt Made of Organic Hemp After Fight Against Styles


The WWE Royal Rumble 2019 at Chase Field which occurred the following Sunday the 27th of January, saw Daniel Bryan defending his WWE championship against AJ Styles.

True to his word, he is striving and following it up to his promise of making wrestling more environment-friendly, especially in regard to the leather championship belt.


He recollected to the crowd at SmackDown Live on Tuesday about his statement where he had stated that he would change the world once he became the WWE champion. In the account of that, he would induct new symbols as a means to initiate the change.

The wrestler who is a devout vegan and environmentalist, discarded the old leather belt and revealed a new championship belt, terming it as “the new symbol of excellence”.  Reacting to derisive fans who expressed contempt for his new belt, Bryan called them out as “ignorant”.

The new eco-friendly belt according to Bryan, is made out of 100 percent sustainable and organic hemp. He also declared that he would defend his new belt against five other WWE stars inside the elimination chamber in the coming month.


With the high-profile event being brought into social media attention, not all reactions were disapproving with the Bella twins expressing their support to Bryan praising him for his assertiveness in his belief systems and not altering them to be agreeable with everyone.

Before the massive Sunday showdown with Styles, Bryan was also noted to have called out on Chase Field for marketing a colossal 18-ounce “Royal Rumble” burger at the event stating that the venue should have never allowed the sale of such unhealthy food.

He was not one to mince words stating the venue should be embarrassed about selling something obtained from factory farmed pigs which are intelligent and extremely social mammals and “cheese from cows whose babies were ripped away from them. THEN add the heart disease delivered to the people who eat it.”


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