First-Ever CBD Expo Unveiled in Indianapolis This Friday and Saturday


A year after the legalization of CBD Oil by the state of Indiana for its sale and use, a nationwide CBD Expo tour is now heading to Indianapolis for a week’s time to endorse the medical applications of CBD products and educate on the subsequent industry that has been steadily taking shape.

Starting off on Friday at the Indianapolis Marriott East, 7202 E. 21st St., the CBD Expo Midwest extends till Saturday. The state of Indianapolis is probably the only Midwest stop in the 2019 tour with it heading to Seattle, Denver, and Orlando in June, October, and November respectively. The tour finally wraps up in San Diego in December. The tickets for the two-day expo are priced at $124 while single day tickets are at $75.

Adam Headley, President of Mace Media Group, who is in charge of organizing and conducting the tour, affirms on the educative nature of it, aiming to inform the masses on the medical benefits of CBD and hemp related products.

Details of the Expo

The first day at the expo is slated to be in line with educating about CBD and its varied applications while the second day takes a look at the different medicinal uses of CBD and the industry trends that are taking shape.

Both the days are said to feature panel discussions on topics like – the difference between hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD, or cannabidiol; history of cannabis and how the legalization of hemp came about; the uses of CBD in line with inflammation; and the role of biotechnology in the engineering and manufacture of CBD.

The expo isn’t limited to just educating but also has a fair scope of other activities like CBD cooking class and do-it-yourself mixology lab workshop.

The expo also has a rich list of exhibitors comprising more than 70 or so. CEO and Founder of Mace Media Group, Celeste Miranda and Dr. Adam Abodeely, Chief Executive Officer of Reserve MD, a company that markets CBD supplements are slated to offer the keynote speeches.

A wide range of companies like CBD Lion, ZuRI, Panacea Life Sciences, and e-commerce company T1 Payment is featured in the exhibitor’s list. Church Street Distributors, a CBD water company is also said to be enlisted.

Replying on why Mace chose Indianapolis as their tour site, President of Mace, Adam Headley explains that it was chosen after consensus from a survey among various exhibitors who attributed that almost 70 percent of the CBD orders were from the region, the Midwest.

Surprising as it may be, Headley states that he realizes the importance of the location as it represents the blue-collar region which manifests as strenuous physical labor making CBD extremely beneficial in relieving pain and other health conditions.

CBD and its stance since Legalization

CBD has been making quite the waves since its launch, being heavily lauded for its therapeutic benefits. Though scientific documentation and studies are still limited at this stage, many agree on the goodness of CBD citing its efficacy in treating conditions of acute pain, insomnia, seizures and inflammation

The passing of 2018 Farm Bill which enabled hemp to be included as an agricultural product has paved way for CBD and hemp-based products to make it into the legal market.

The Indiana Law states that CBD oil products procured and used in the state contain very minimal amounts of THC, the compound that is responsible for creating the euphoric high associated with marijuana. CBD with its traces of THC does not cause the feeling of ‘high’, thereby deeming it safe and non-addictive. Also, the law clearly reinstates that products that contain CBD should be subjected to precise testing and labeling guidelines such as the inclusion of QR bar codes to brief on the various contents and quantity of the included.

With recent years steadily seeing an increase in interest about CBD, a plethora of products ranging from health and wellness to beauty and vaping have made their way to the market. In fact, the growth projections for CBD industry in US market vary greatly with conservative stipulations estimating it to be around two billion by 2022.


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