Activists Launch a Bid for Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative in Idaho


Cannabis activists recently launched a bid for legalizing the use of medical marijuana in the state of Idaho. These activists would soon be collecting signatures for putting a voter initiative during the 2020 election.

The initiative was filed by the members of the Idaho Cannabis Coalition with the Idaho Secretary of State. Once the initiative is reviewed, the activists will have to gather over 55,000 signatures for the bill to qualify for the 2020 ballot.


If the attempt is successful, then the patients who qualify for serious medical conditions would be able to possess up to four ounces of medical marijuana. A system would be established for the regulation of the production and sale of medical cannabis.

An attorney backing the initiative, James Piotrowski stated that, “It’s a carefully thought out regulatory system for both the providers and the patients”.

Patients Supporting Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Idaho

John Belville of the Idaho Cannabis Coalition is suffering from a chronic condition which is referred to as the peripheral neuropathy. This results in severe pain which cannot be controlled with strong narcotics.

Moreover, narcotics are harmful to health. Belville learnt that medical marijuana can offer him relief when he was visiting Oregon where cannabis is legal.

Belville said that he tried medical cannabis in Oregon where he just took a little quantity in a dropper and put it under his tongue. He said he waited for fifteen minutes and the pain just went away.

This was his first experience with cannabis oil. He says he understands what others are trying to tell when they claim the benefits of medical marijuana.

Serra Frank, a cannabis activist from the Group Legalize Idaho said that it is high time to catch up with the surrounding states that have already legalized medical cannabis. The long-awaited petition by the Idaho Cannabis Coalition offers hope to the sick and the disabled.

She further stated that patients in Idaho have for long waited consciously for things to turn out in their favor while the rest of the country has modified the laws for the benefit of those who are terminally sick and in pain.

Frank left Idaho and moved to Oregon so that she could use medical marijuana legally. She says she would be able to return home if this initiative succeeds.

Piotrowski said that the initiative was not for legalizing cannabis for adult use but is solely for bringing respite to ailing people of Idaho. He said that he is not trying to push for something that will eventually bring an approval for recreational use.

He was quoted as saying that he is supporting the medical-use law with a sole focus on patients who need this drug for medical purposes.


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