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Amazon Endorses a Federal Marijuana Law Proposed by the GOP


Several Republican members of Congress introduced a bill on Tuesday that would legalize marijuana by law at the federal level, leaving the regulation of marijuana to the states. The legislation was endorsed by Amazon.

The States Reform Act, introduced by Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), would declassify cannabis as a Schedule I drug under federal law and impose a new federal tax on the material of 3 percent.

Medical marijuana patients in the United States would still be able to use cannabis, but anyone under 21 would be considered illegal. A portion of the tax revenue would help pay for law enforcement and veterans’ health programs.

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The Post obtained an interview with Mace, who stated that “every state is distinct and should be entitled to determine their cannabis regulations.” “This bill would effectively remove the federal government from the picture.”

Amazon’s public policy arm expressed its support for Mace’s idea in a tweet on Tuesday, saying it was “pleased to endorse” it. “Amazon, along with so many others in the country, believes that reforming the nation’s cannabis policy is time-bound, and it is committed to working toward that goal.”

According to The Washington Post, Amazon representatives reached Mace after she introduced the bill, who is a freshman Congresswoman who formerly worked for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. She claimed that the corporation was compelled to support her legislation because legal difficulties around marijuana can make hiring challenges.

“They’re looking at it from the standpoint of the workers,” Mace explained in an interview. “The prohibitions imposed at the federal level have a significant impact on their staff.” As reported by the Congresswoman, Amazon has informed Mace that it is not interested in selling marijuana on its platform at this time.

“That is not their purpose, and that is not their desire,” Mace said of the possibility of Amazon promoting marijuana sales. “They stated it right away,” says the narrator. Amazon announced in June that it will no longer screen many job applicants for marijuana use and that it would support attempts to make the drug legal.

Mace anticipates that Democrats, many of whom have backed marijuana legalization for years, will come out in support of her legislation. Moreover, she suggested that Republicans are likely to support her legislation because it grants more authority to states — and since marijuana legalization is enormously popular across the country.

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“Even in my deeply conservative state of South Carolina, medical cannabis has a 70 percent acceptance rating statewide,” she remarked. The Republican Party must be represented at the table if cannabis reform is to be accomplished at the federal level.

Mace stated that she has not spoken with officials from other significant US corporations, such as Walmart or FedEx, regarding the law. Still, she anticipates that Amazon’s support will encourage other companies to do the same.

As a result of Amazon’s support, Mace believes that more firms will follow their lead in the future. Among others who have signed on to the bill is Reps. Don Young of Alaska, Brian Mast of Florida, Tom McClintock of California, and Peter Meijer of Michigan are Republicans. A request for comment from Amazon did not receive a response right away.


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