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Corona Beer Maker Constellation Supports The Launch Of New CBD Beverage


Karma Water is partnering with Canopy Growth, Canadian cannabis giant to launch new CBD water thereby adding more to its existing portfolio of probiotic and wellness waters.

Both Canopy Growth and Karma are strategic partners of Constellation Brand, Inc. (CBI) which is the largest beer import company in the U.S. the launch of Karma CBD Water hints at the power of collaboration between emerging businesses with distinct consume propositions within the ecosystem.

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As per the information procured ahead of the official announcement, the brand, Karma CBD Water uses a broad spectrum CBD distillate that has been sourced from the hemp biomass from Canadian Cannabis giant Canopy Growth.

Currently, Constellation owns 38.6 percent of Canopy Growth. It also holds a minor stake in Karma Culture LLC, the makers of Karma Wellness Water. The company is also responsible for distributing the company’s CBD beverage Quatreau.

The vice president of beverages and edibles at Canopy Growth shared, “Beverages continue to fuel significant growth in the CBD category as consumers seek out familiar product formats”.

She further added that CBD-infused beverages offer calming mood management that the consumers are seeking.

Canopy will be providing broad-spectrum CBD distillate through this partnership and will help in the creation of an innovative product that will resonate with consumers who are looking for an evolution in premium infused waters.

What is interesting is that Karma CBD is not a regular drink. It instead features the patented Push Cap Technology. It works uniquely.

The user needs to push a cap before consuming the drink for infusing the flavor and CBD into the water. This preserves the active cannabinoid constituents thereby ensuring optimal potency right before its consumption.

The CEO of Karma Water, CJ Rapp explained that the patented cap would assure the consumer of full potency CBD for a high-performance wellness beverage.

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According to him, a lot of people don’t realize that the active ingredients can deteriorate gradually in pre-mixed drinks. This is the reason why consumers don’t receive the potency they think they are.

Rapp concluded that Karma Water delivers on the promise of optimum benefits of healthy hydration as well as CBD.


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